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In recent past, the title; CEO carried weight. People used to dream of becoming CEOs, mainly because it was a thing of honour. To be a CEO would imply that you have mastered your craft and have worked hard over the years. It would also imply that you have gathered enough experience to set up your own establishment, and that you are financially stable to withstand the pressures of the competitive market your brand is in.

The same cannot be said in this modern time. Today, everybody is a CEO. Everyone claims that title. The interesting part of it all is that nobody wants to sit and learn, we all want to jump high and fast. A wise man once said that we LEARN before we EARN. Do not let yours be the other way round.

I know the economy we find ourselves in is not even helping matters. There are few jobs out there, and we all know that every employer would want to hire a well seasoned professional with vast experience, rather than a mere fIRST degree holder with no experience at all.

Still, that is no excuse! How many CEOs would we have on twitter? Ha ba! Its getting too much. I am tired. What people don’t know is that if a serious person is looking for a vendor for a particular event, and they come across your twitter page with the CEO label all over it, they might not take you serious. You know why?
1. You don’t even have a website
2. Your brand is not known.
3. You don’t tweet like a CEO
4. A CEO would not be online 24/7
5. You don’t know your craft
I think the number of these so called ‘CEOs’ can be reduced … What do you think?

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