The dog which has not barked is not dead!


Today, I’m in the mood to tell a story…..

There once lived an old man who was a dog lover… he had five dogs namely; Zeus, Kim, Stone, Calm and Moody.

As a king, Zeus always had it’s way. He got his food early… by bullying the rest of course, and had a special cage- which no other dog was allowed to enter asides Kim. Zeus was big, strong and barked very loudly… often stealing the spotlight from other dogs.

The other dogs except Kim shared a cage. Kim had special rights as the only female Dog… she was Zeus’s good friend, and had many puppies by him….she however got everything she wanted without stress.

Stone… stone was hard meehn! stone never played with anyone… Stone had a strong heart… He never fell sick! even when Zeus fell sick, stone remained strong! Stone was a prince and behaved as such. But one thing disqualified him from being a King….

Calm…. calm had no issues… always laughing and playing. He never took life serious.

Then the last was Moody. He was often neglected by his owner because of his quiet nature. He was a rare breed and came on high demand. His owner got him because of the wonderful qualities he heard of his breed. But so far, Moody had not show-cased any of these skills…. maybe that’s why his owner gave him less food and neglected him.

On that very night that robbers came visiting, Zeus was in his cage fast asleep with his companion Kim. Calm was relaxed and didn’t feel like barking at all…. Stone was awake, he saw unfamiliar faces and gave Moody a signal… 

Before the signal, Moody had already swung into action. Moody ran out of his cage and barked like never before. He barked even louder than Zeus. Moody did not only wake his owner up, he woke Zeus and Kim and all the other neighbors.

His owner couldn’t believe his ears. Who knew that the dog he rejected and neglected would save his life and property?

Ever since then, he created a special cage- one finer and cleaner than Zeus’s-and kept a tag round his neck… He became the first in the park to have a Tag. Even Zeus himself did not get a tag.

 What actually disqualified stone from being King? 

There are many moral lessons i picked from this story… First is the need to know when to be silent and when to be loud…… What else?

5 comments on “The dog which has not barked is not dead!

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  2. Stone just didn’t give a damn and I guess he feels others can do the heavy lifting. I think Somethings still missing in the story though.


  3. Stone was hesitant this could be due to fear or lack of discernment the opposite of which are the qualities of a king moody sensed the danger reacted quickly and he saved everyone. A king is also a watchdog.


  4. Several moral lessons. Not particular about stone anyways. U don’t know whom ur true friends are until circumstances demand.


  5. Nice write up! 😊


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