Sex Before I Say “I do”

9 comments on “Sex Before I Say “I do”

  1. Biblically it is wrong, but the ladies are even the one after we guys these days even when we say we ain’t ready. They feel we ain’t man enough if we don’t bring out the guns.


  2. LMAO!!!!! since when? never heard of that oooo


    • Yes, yes, yes! Truth is, foundation support would be so much more sustainable if they focused on the local support their applicants have, rather than looking to create the big bang with big numbers all by themselves. UBUNTU takes time– the wave needs to fo12m#8&r1;but I can feel it coming!!


  3. I agree with Kay. Personally, I’ve been called shy and asked if I am gay by a lady because I ran away from her advances. Premarital sex is wrong, but guys should not be made scapegoats or given the unfair tag of “instigators” of this act. We are victims too!!! #equalityforall


  4. Lol…well i think i can relate to what has been said on here. For you to be able to say no to these things, one has to make a conscious decision. It’s really not easy trying to control oneself, but at the same time shall we continue in sin that grace may abound? i was once told that when we do these unholy things and acts especially fornication, adultery either via imaginations or the act itself, your prayers to God may not even pass the roof and that scares me. Everyone talks about the enjoyment and what they do derive from the act called sex but no one or very few talk about the spiritual implication of it, and this is the most scary part if you decide to read up on it. All that urge you have or had will just shrink. Imagine having sex with some very lovely looking lady that doesn’t even know or have a clue she’s possessed or some guy as a result of what they’ve eaten, people they’ve had sex with or some form of cult or association they’ve joined. The scariest part of it is that some of those that are possessed don’t even know it, and some are fully aware of it but they have made up their mind others will go down with them. With that said, God’s grace is needed to abstain from this act. Had to quit my last relationship cos of some issues, And a few minutes of pleasure is not worth jeopardizing your life and destiny. God help us all. I’m not a saint oh! i’m begging God to help me stay till marriage!

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    • I totally agree with u 100%. Spiritual implications is much more important but no one pay attention to it. May God help us all.


  5. i think premarital sex is by ‘choice’ and not influenced by society, as it is not really seen as taboo (like lesbian or gay intercourse). However, it is now a trend cos sex is like a handshake. the value and importance of sex has been demystified.

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  6. In fact , we are trailing the same line of thought. Youths these days have thrown caution to the wind. Our values means nothing at all. I am not saying it’s easy either but these days, virgins are seen like Outcast. Lol! Such a shameful thing. We thank God for grace though because we all sin! But we sin differently . But I wish we could go back to the days when keeping yourself was such a biggie and when we paid more attention to Godly principles than otherwise. Just that girls fear!!! Not many men can date or even marry virgins so in trying to keep the men, the ladies succumb to the pressure for sex in the end.


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